Support of Constantinople Upgrade on CEX.IO

, January 8, 2019

The Ethereum Constantinople upgrade that was initially scheduled for November 2018 will take place between January 14 and January 18, 2019. Getting closer to the date, we would like to inform you that CEX.IO will take all necessary steps to update our system and make sure your funds are completely safe. 

What happens with Ethereum on CEX.IO

We will take care of all the technical issues before and during the upgrade to secure your funds, so that you can be confident about the safety of your money.
Before the upgrade, we will pause ETH deposits and withdrawals. That is why we encourage you to carry out all the transactions in advance for them to reach your accounts or wallets without delays. After the upgrade, we will test the network and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Only after that we will re-enable ETH deposits and withdrawals. Please note that if you send ETH during the fork, you will receive the money after deposits and withdrawals are back on track. 
Additionally, if the chain splits and a new coin emerges, all users having ETH on their balances at the time of the fork will receive a new coin. We will credit it as soon as we settle all the technical aspects.

What is Constantinople on the Ethereum Network

The Constantinople upgrade has been a part of the Ethereum roadmap for a long time already. It follows the Byzantium upgrade and is an important preparation step before the Serenity upgrade. With all those changes in place, the developers intend to make the Ethereum network cheaper and more efficient. As a part of the upgrade, they will decrease the block time for the network to work faster. Additionally, after the Constantinople upgrade, running smart contracts will become cheaper.  
We hope that you will gain better experience with Ethereum after the upgrade. We will do our best to make sure that you get the service you deserve.



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