We would like to inform you about our plans to limit the maximum decimal places for orders with some BTC- and ETH-related trading pairs. Two decimal places will be allowed for pairs of BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, and BTC/GBP. For ETH/USD and ETH/EUR, the maximum amount of 4 places will be permitted. The examples can be found in the table below.

Trading Pairs Old Decimal Places New Decimal Places
BTC/USD 0.0002 0.02
BTC/EUR 0.0002 0.02
BTC/GBP 0.0002 0.02
ETH/USD 0.00000004 0.0004
ETH/EUR 0.00000004 0.0004

Why Is It Necessary?

The mentioned measures will help us to decrease the load on our trading engine. Currently, with the increasing inflow of users, the order book is overwhelmed with the activity of users lifting orders by changing a small fraction of them. Limiting the maximum decimal places will help to reduce the severity of the mentioned problem.

The introduced changes are based on our users’ requests and the successful practice shown by other exchanges on the market. It is expected to significantly increase the speed of order execution. So, your operations will be carried out even faster.