Konstantin Anissimov,CEX.IO’s Executive Director will participate in The Conference.Exchanges DeFi Edition on March 5, 2021. 

👨‍💻This will be an online event that will gather leading market participants to discuss the realities of the crypto industry in 2021 and where it is going.

The participants will discuss such topics as: 

  • DeFi
  • Security issues
  • DEX vs CEX
  • Customer support challenges
  • Regulation & legal issues.

Konstantin Anissimov will also take part in the discussions, talking about the security aspects of institutional level DeFi investments. 

You will hear the answers to the most burning questions:

  • What are the risks when entering DeFi with big money? 
  • How can investors choose trustworthy DeFi projects?
  • Which wallets are safe enough to use?

And much more!

🦾 “The DeFi field is currently undergoing a major rise in popularity – decentralized tokens are becoming a promising investment asset with game-changing potential for high-level investors.”, – Konstantin believes.

See more about this virtual conference here https://theconference.exchange/#main