New Payment Details for SWIFT Euro Deposits

, June 4, 2018

UPD. June 4, 2018.

Please note that payment details for EUR Swift have been changed again on May 31, 2018. When depositing Euro to CEX.IO via SWIFT Payment (Global) option, please make sure you are using the updated payment details to prevent delays in payment processing. You can find out how to do this in “What Should I Do” section.

Please also pay attention that you can now send a proof of transfer to cng@cex.io to speed up deposit processing.

Previously, payment details for deposits in Euro via SWIFT payment option were changed on March 22, 2018.

We ask you to be very attentive when sending funds to your CEX.IO account via Bank transfer. Please note that this does not concern SEPA payments that are destined for European users, and SEPA deposits should be made using the old deposits.

What Should I do?

When initiating a deposit in EUR to CEX.IO using bank transfer option over the global scale, please pay attention that the requisites have been changed. Make sure that you are using the updated payment details for your money to be delivered to CEX.IO balance in the shortest time possible.

Initiating deposits procedure will stay the same:

  1. Go to the Finance section and press “Deposit” button for Euro or simply press “Deposit” button on the website.
  2. Choose EUR as the currency and Bank transfer as a payment option.
  3. Read through the provided information and tick the fields that you have read everything.

On the screen with your payment details, please pay special attention to SWIFT Payment (Global) section. The requisites for this payment type have been changed.

Be Attentive With Payment Details

We encourage you to be very attentive with the payment details when depositing your funds to CEX.IO. Make sure that you use the updated payment details to get the funds on your balance in the shortest time possible.

Please note that:

  • Reference (9120352394) should be entered in the narrative of the sending bank’s payment instructions before any other references.
  • Payment details should be given to your bank exactly as they are stated in your CEX.IO account to avoid delays in payment delivery.
  • Always send the exact amount for which you have applied, and in the currency you have applied for.
  • Double-check that your payment details are stated correctly to ensure that your payment is delivered exactly to your CEX.IO account.

We would also like to remind that payments from third parties (people different from the account owner) will not be accepted and will be turned back to the sender.



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